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Cindy Ellis, MAS Vocal Director

Ryan Ellis, MAS Vocal Director 

Marta Gutierrez, Accompanist


MAverick Singers/bellarmonia/soflo harmony
Do You Hear What I Hear - arr. Johnson/Mizell

Soflo harmony

Chan Chan - Compay Segundo
Mini mavericks

Al Shlosha D'varim - Allan Naplan

Al shlosha, al shlosha

D’varim ha-o-lam ka-yam

Al ha-e-met v’al ha-din

V’al ha-sha-lom, ha-sha-lom


The world is sustained by three things;

By truth, by justice, and by peace.

viva voce/mini mavs

My Mother's Love - Tom Shelton

Jormilit Garcia, Conductor

viva voce

The Voice That I Hear - Jim Papoulis

student spotlight

Once Upon a December - Stephen Flaherty

Arlenys Romero, 8th grade

maverick Singers

Joy to the World/Hallelujah Chorus - arr. Johnson/Mizell


Audience Selection :)


mav. Singers/BElla/Alumni

Rejoice with Exceeding Great Joy - arr. Johnson/Mizell


Kalinda - Sydney Guillaume


Listen friends, yes you have to listen:

Dance, the best way you can,

It’s thanks to the sounds of the drum.

Dance, the best way you know how,

You can dance as much as you can…

It’s thanks to the sounds of the drum,

Oh, how beautiful

Without which, there would not be any dancing.

Oh how beautiful it would be,

If everyone could find a drum.

Ayibobo! (Victory cry)

Dance, the best way you know how, It’s thanks to the sounds of the drum.

The apple does not fall far from the tree;

All good things derive from good things

Thank you, drumbeats.

It is thanks to the sounds of the drum.


Hear My Prayer, Oh Lord - Tobin Stokes


La Rumba - arr. Lazaro Alonso

MS treble chorus

Ding-a-Ding-a-Ding - Greg Gilpin


There is No Rose - Joshua Himes


student spotlight


Jingle Bell Rock - arr. Michelle Weir

 Jormilit Garcia, Sherlyn Hernandez,

Milanni and Makaylee Diaz


MAS Vocal Middle School chorus


Let it Snow - Michelle Weir


all ensembles
Let There be Peace on Earth - arr. Johnson/Mizell



Miami-Dade County Public Schools

The School Board of Miami-Dade County, Florida


Ms. Mari Tere Rojas, Chair

Dr. Steve Gallon III

Ms. Lucia Baez-Geller

Dr. Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall

Ms. Christi Fraga

Ms. Lubby Navarro

Ms. Luisa Santos

Ms. Monica Colucci

Mr. Roberto J. Alonso

Mr. Danny Espino

Ms. Luisa Santos

Superintendent of Schools

Mr. Jose Dotres


South Region Office 

Mr. Rafael Villalobos, Region Superintendent 

Ms. Robin Atkins, Administrative Director

Mr. Manuel Garcia, Administrative Director

Ms. Lucy C. Iturrey, Administrative Director

Ms. Ana C. Othon, Administrative Director

Mr. Martin T. Reid, Administrative Director

Dr. Carlos Rios, Administrative Director


Miami Arts Studio  6-12 


Dr. Miguel Balsera, Principal

Ms. Annie Diaz, Assistant Principal

Ms. Patricia Fleri, Assistant Principal


MAS Advisory Board

Dr. Maria De Armas, Chair

Ms. Cristina Guerra, Vice Chair

Ms. Mabel Morales, Secretary

Honorable Judge William Altfield

Ms. Beatriz Arango

Ms. Melba Brito

Dr. Ed Calle

Ms. Ana Maria Correa

Ms. Marta Concepcion

Dr. Sylvia Diaz

Mr. Alfredo Mesa 

Honorable Dr. Marta Perez

Mr. Jorge A. Plasencia

Mr. Alex Rodriguez-Roig

Mr. Brian Schriner

Mr. Javier Alberto Soto

Ms. Marie Vickles


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