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Cindy Ellis, director 

Ryan Ellis, director

Doug McCall, accompanist


SoFlo Harmony

The Star Spangled Banner

arr. Vania Junco

Soloist: Emily Tang

Viva Voce 

Aurora by Andrea Ramsey

Sing Gently by Eric Whitacre

Featured Soloist 

Jose Arbaizagoitía, 8th grade

20 Años by Maria Teresa Vera

'21 Treble Chorus

Blackbird by The Beatles

Soloists: Angelly Azpiri, Madison Boucugnani, Joanna Mejia, Camila Rodriguez, Isabella Recio, Jasmine Borrero

Featured Soloist 

Emily Tang, 12th grade

Bye Bye Blackbird by Ray Henderson


Swing Low, Sweet Chariot by Stacey Gibbs

SoFlo Harmony

I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston

Soloist: Samantha Velez

Mini Mavericks 

Fine By Me by Andy Grammer

Soloist: Scarlett Acosta

Yonder Come Day by Paul John

Soloist: Eva Herrea

'21 BellArmonia

Chili Con Carne arr. Anders Edenroth

'21 Mini Mavericks

God Be in My Head

1564 Medley 

Soloists: Gabriella Marquez, Noelle Hernandez, Genesy Canas, Annamarie Torqueza, Gabriella Dieguez, Stephanie Fuentes, Sophia Fernandez, Arlenys Romero

SoFlo Harmony

September by EWF

Soloist: Amanda Bencomo and Lazaro Alonso

'22 MAS Treble Chorus

Beati Omnes by Richard Ewer

Featured Soloist 

Joshua Safont, 7th grade

Prelude No. 6 by J.S Bach

Maverick Singers 

Tchaka by Sydney Guillaume

(click here for translation)

I Believe by Mark Miller

These words were scratched on the walls of a cellar in Cologne, Germany by a Jew hiding from Nazi persecution. 

"I believe in the sun even when it's not shining.

I believe in love even when I don't feel it. 

I believe in God even when God is silent."

Let My Love Be Heard by Jake Runestad

Daniel by Rollo Dillworth

Soloist: Megan Frigerio

All Ensembles

Total Praise by Richard Smallwood


Miami-Dade County Public Schools

The School Board of Miami-Dade County, Florida


Ms. Perla Tabares Hantman, Chair

Dr. Steve Gallon III, Vice-Chair

Ms. Lucia Baez-Geller

Dr. Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall

Ms. Christi Fraga

Ms. Lubby Navarro

Dr. Marta Pérez

Ms. Mari Tere Rojas

Ms. Luisa Santos


Superintendent of Schools

Mr. Alberto M. Carvalho


South Region Office 

Ms. Barbara Mendizábal, Region Superintendent 

Mr. Manuel Garcia, Administrative Director

Ms. Lucy C. Iturrey, Administrative Director

Ms. Ana Othon, Administrative Director

Ms. Anna Rodriguez, Administrative Director

Mr. Leonard Ruan, Administrative Director

Rafael Villalobos, Administrative Director


Miami Arts Studio  6-12 


Dr. Miguel Balsera, Principal

Ms. Annie Diaz, Assistant Principal

Ms. Patricia Fleri, Assistant Principal


MAS Advisory Board

Dr. Maria De Armas, Chair

Ms. Cristina Guerra, Vice Chair

Ms. Mabel Morales, Secretary

Honorable Judge William Altfield

Ms. Beatriz Arango

Mr. Rodester Brandon

Ms. Melba Brito

Dr. Ed Calle

Ms. Ana Maria Correa

Ms. Marta Concepcion

Dr. Sylvia Diaz

Mr. Alfredo Mesa 

Honorable Dr. Marta Perez

Mr. Jorge A. Plasencia

Mr. Alex Rodriguez-Roig

Mr. Brian Schriner

Mr. Javier Alberto Soto

Ms. Marie Vickles