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It takes a village to raise a child! We need your help! There are 200 students for two teachers in the MAS Vocal Magnet. It takes a small army of parent volunteers in order to offer both curricular and extra curricular experiences for all students. Level 1 volunteers can help out at concerts, coffee houses, and chaperone day field trips like Caroling Competitions and other outside of school performances. Level 2 chaperones can do all the Level 1 volunteer activities but are also welcome inside the classroom and on overnight field trips like All-State and Candlelight. ​All parents interested in chaperoning day and/or overnight field trips MUST have an active MDCPS volunteer ID assigned to Miami Arts Studio 6-12 @ Zelda Glazer no later than October 15th. 

Please be reminded that all MDCPS volunteers have to be reactivated each school year! 

Volunteer instructions:

  1. Log on to your parent portal (blue link below)

  2. Click on the Apps|Services|Sites tab 

  3. Click on Become a Volunteer 

  4. Put in your information 

  5. Select Day Chaperone and Music Class 

  6. Select 6052 Miami Arts Studio @ Zelda Glazer (you are allowed to select more than one school if you want to volunteer at more than one school) 

  7. If you are planning on being a chaperone for overnight trips, select Overnight Chaperone to become a Level 2 volunteer 

  • Print out the letter that they provide 

  • Take the letter to the school to have it signed by the principal 

  • Call the phone number to make a fingerprinting appointment 

  • Complete your finger prints (finger prints can take up to 4 weeks to process!!)

8. The final step for all volunteers (Level 1 and 2) is to go to the main office and present your valid ID. You will not be an active volunteer until this step is completed! 

After the 8 steps are complete, please sign and send this form to your child's vocal teacher by October 15th:

Thank you for all you do!



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